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A roughly monthly update about my life

January 2023

Happy new year! This new year is especially exciting for me because I’m starting a new job! I’m happy to announce that I’m moving away from the world of proprietary software. I will now be working with the open source graphics stack at Igalia. I’ve joined their graphics team, and I’m super excited to start contributing back to the open source community that has really shaped my life since I started using Linux exclusively back around 2011

November 2022

November was a really exciting month for me. My wife and I had our wedding and then we went away on our honeymoon for 10 days in France. A new nice long break from work was nice and let me focus on non technical things, like improving my health.

October 2022

After reading about digital gardens, I’ve decided to convert my whole website into its very own digital garden. I wasn’t too happy with existing themes and tools I could find online so I decided to try and build a digital garden engine myself using pandoc and custom filters.